Contract manufacturing

Otherwise known as “tolling”, we have contract manufactured for clients for 15 years already, and our promise for IP integrity is backed up by our NDA’s that we sign with them.

Our clients include chemical and marketing companies, who we manufacture chemical intermediates used in specialty chemicals.

Additionally, our offerings in tolling include:

  • producing liquid products requiring reactions,
  • creation of formulations,
  • particle size reductions,
  • homogenisation
  • Exothermic reactions
  • Endothermic reactions
  • Products that need heating and cooling in their production processes
  • Cutting back of various liquids
  • Chemay has a variety of Silverson machines for Emulsifying products
  • Chemay can formulate a product for customers, customers can bring their own formula and Chemay can make it according to their specifications. Chemay will package, brand and deliver on a customers behalf if required.
  • Chemay will produce Certificates of Analysis (COA’s), Technical Data Sheets (TDS), as well as MSDS’s
  • Chemay has its own permit from EThekwini to mix and blend solvents, and the necessary approvals from Air Emissions regulators.
  • Chemay does re-bagging of various powders from 1 Ton bags to 25kg bags