Our services include

  • Rebagging powdered products from bulk containers to 25kg or 50kg bags
  • Repacking of liquid products from bulk IBCs (flow bins) to options from 5 litre bottles to 200 litre drums
  • Decanting of bulk tankers into 200 litre drums or 1000 litre IBC (flow bins)
  • Toll manufacturing with your formulations and raw materials and we charge a toll
  • Contract manufacturing where we supply the raw materials with your formulations
  • Specialised product and raw material sourcing
  • Specialised manufacturing
  • Specialised formulation authoring, testing and supplying
  • Trouble shooting clients own formulations to determine defective componentry
  • Chemical engineering and technical advice
  • Distribution and warehousing: storage is on-site but away from our manufacturing business. We also ship product all over South Africa